Best Temple Fade Haircuts for Men (2024 Styles)


temple fade haircut

If you want to stay on trend this year, the temp fade is the way to go. This versatile style can be customized to suit any face shape and hair type, making it a popular choice for men’s fade haircuts.

And with so many variations, like with short or long hair, buzz cuts or crew cuts, curly hair, straight hair, or blowout hairstyle, there’s sure to be a temp fade haircut perfect for you.

This guide will show you some of the best temp fades around. We’ve also put together a step-by-step guide on how to get the look. So, if you’re ready to freshen up your style, read on for the best temp fade haircuts for men.

What is a Temp Fade?

A Temp Fade, AKA “Temple Fade” or “Brooklyn Fade,” is a trendy low fade hairstyle using a line-up or shape-up blending technique to form a fade in the temple area. Common style variations include an afro or nappy temp fade plus low, medium, and high temp fades.

This sharp and sophisticated fade haircut is now one of the most popular hairstyles for men since gaining popularity in the 2000s. Like the drop fade, it’s perfect for those who want a faded hairstyle without dramatically clean-shaving their sideburns.

Most temp fade haircuts, like Drake’s, follow up with a shape-up haircut or a curly, loose blowout style.

This cool hairstyle has so many variations, particularly with a barber’s finishing touch. Below, we show you the top temple fade haircuts with taper haircuts for all face shapes and hair textures.

Best Temple Fade Haircuts

The most distinguished temp fade looks have a blended fade line that starts around the temples. These fades may blend into a clean fade by the ears, sideburns, and jawline.

There are also different ways to edge and line temp fades with striking, unique designs expertly done by incredible barbers. We’ll show you a variety of temp fade styles below.

1. Low Temp Fade

The low temp fade follows the ear closely with an inch or so above gradually faded hair. In contrast, the high fade has a clean fade around the ear and may go even higher up past the temple.

Low temp fade
Low temp fade is subtle and stylish. Image source: @kjthebarber1 via Instagram.

2. High Temp Fade

These fades start with a higher clean fade around the ear and strike a high contrast at the fade line, typically directly at or just above the temple. The temple fade with curly fringe adds a unique variation to this style.

High temp fade
High temp fade is sleek and cool. Image source: @sirpaulcharle via Instagram.

3. Afro Temp Fade

The temple fade afro haircut goes well with all kinds of afro styles and high top cuts. This look features a nappy blowout afro taper with a high temp fade and taper in the back. It also has a slight design edged into the afro just above the ear, creating a signature look.

Afro Temp Fade
Nappy blowout afro taper and Temp fade. Image source: @dillon_image via Instagram.

4. Curly Temple Fade

A curly top looks amazing, with the temple skin faded on the sides, a variation of curly fade. The style keeps the length of the curly hair with a temp fade just above the ear, then slightly tapered in the back with clear lines and short fade.

Curly temp fade
Curly temp skin fade. Image source: @CRIZTOFFERSON via Instagram.

5. Temp Fade Dreads

The temple fade works great with short to medium length dreadlocks, especially if you want an undercut look.

Temp fade with dreads
Temp fade with short dreads. Image source: @CHANGEMAN_ via Instagram.

6. Temp Fade with Waves

T waves haircut looks best with a gentle temple fade on the sides sporting precision edging and lining. Here’s a temp fade around the ear with a taper towards the back. The beard is lined expertly, with the sideburns fading into the temples.

Temp fade with waves
Short waves with temple skin fade.

7. Temp Fade With Side Part and Pompadour

Temp fades work for all hair textures, including straight hair. This simple, elevated temple haircut with a short brush up into a pompadour creates an elegant look when paired with a side part.

Then, the forehead hair is turned into a quiff, and a temp fade is finished just above the ear to create depth and contrast in the hairstyles.

FYI – The beard and sideburns also fade into the temple.

Temp fade with side part
Side part and low fade.

8. Temp Taper Fade Haircut

Taper fade haircuts look amazing on guys, especially when expertly lined and gradually faded towards the back. The look below features a low temp fade by the ear with a complete taper from the front to back.

Temp fade with taper
A slick temp fade with taper. Image source: @PATTY_CUTS via Instagram.

9. Temp Fade Mohawk

Want to create an edgy look? The temple fade mohawk is faded down to the skin, while the hair on top is left longer and styled into a classic mohawk. This look typically has a more pronounced clean fade around the temple and ear, leading to a taper in the back.

If you want a more conservative look, try the faux hawk instead. For a faux hawk, the length is slightly cropped in the top center of the head, then layered towards the back of the head.

Temp Fade Mohawk
Mohawk with a mid-fade. Image source: @b.athebarber via Instagram

10. Temple Fade With Beard

There are many ways to wear a temp fade along with your favorite beard styles. We like this classic look the best. Here’s a temple burst fade with a skin taper and faded sideburns, a perfectly trimmed beard, and a taper in the back.

Temple Fade With Beard
Temp fade paired with a beard. Image source: @CHANGEMAN_ via Instagram.

11. Bald Temple Fade

High Bald Temple Fade
High Bald Temple Fade. Image source: Pinterest.

The temp with a high bald fade is one of the most popular temple fade haircuts for men. This style features a high, tight fade that leaves the hair on top longer. The result is a clean, modern look that is perfect for any guy.

12. Buzz Cut Temple Fade

Buzz Cut Temple Fade
Buzz Cut Temple Fade. Image source: Pinterest.

The military buzz cut temple fade is popular for men who want a clean and simple look. This military haircut features short, clipped sides gradually extending towards the temples. The hair on top is usually kept a bit longer than the sides, and it can be styled in various ways. The temple fade adds a bit of contrast and interest to the buzz cut, making it a great option.

13. Temp Fade with Braids

Temp Fade with Braids
Temp Fade with Braids. Image source: Pinterest.

A temp fade that features regular or box braids on top with the sides and back shaved or faded. This textured temple fade haircut is a great way to add dimension to your look.

14. Temple Fade Long Hair

Temple Fade Long Hair
Temple Fade Long Hair. Image source: Pinterest.

You’ll need enough hair length to get a long temple fade haircut. This style works well with short, medium-length, or long hair. You can determine the necessary hair length according to your chosen hairstyle.

15. Temple Fade Straight Hair

Temp Fade Straight Hair
Temple Fade Straight Hair. Image source: Pinterest.

Temple fade haircuts can be styled with straight hair, curly hair, or any other type of hair texture. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle that keeps you looking sharp, a temple fade is the perfect choice.

How to do a Temple Fade

Looking to get these styles on your own? Here’s a quick style guide.

  1. Start with clean, dry hair. Using a comb to brush it back and away from your face is best so the barber can see what they are doing more easily.
  2. The barber will then measure the length of your hair at the temples and mark it with a pencil or clipper guide for accuracy.
  3. They will then use clippers or a razor to create a slight taper around this area, gradually blending it into the rest of your hairline for an even look that’s not too drastic or unnatural.
  4. Once you have reached the desired length at the temples, switch out clipper guards for an (#7) or (#8) blade attachment for sideburns that are cleanly shaven on both sides of the face but not along the jawline or neckline area (high temp).
  5. Then, use scissors to trim any stray hairs visible around the ears or nape area.
  6. Finally, you can choose a contemporary haircut alternative for the top of your head.

How to Cut a Temp Fade

Temp Fade Tutorial

How to Maintain the Temp Fade Haircut Style

1. Wash

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner to remove any product buildup or oiliness.

2. Dry

Use a blow dryer on low heat setting to dry the hair until it’s 80% dry, then use a comb to style it into place as desired for a sleek look or leave it natural for an undone look with waves/curls intact (for curly/wavy hair).

3. Add Your Favorite Pomade or Gel

Apply a styling gel, pomade, mousse or wax to your hair and use a comb to distribute it evenly throughout the strands.

4. Extra Hold

For extra hold, apply more styling product if needed, and then finish drying with the blow dryer until completely dry (for straight/thick/wavy hair).

Final Thoughts

The temp fade is a simple haircut for men who want a sharp taper around the temples to create a unique style.

With so many variations and options, you can create a unique, perfect look. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance style or something more elaborate, the Temp Fade is a great choice.


Is a temp fade a taper?

A temp fade is a taper where the hair on the sides and back is cut very close to the head, gradually getting longer as it goes up. A regular taper has the hair cut the same length all around the head.

How long does a temp fade last?

A temp fade is a type of haircut that uses clippers to gradually reduce hair length until it’s very short. The length that a temp fade will last depends on how often the hair is cut and how quickly it grows.

What are the different types of temp fades?

The different types of temp fades are low, medium, and high. Low temp fades are best for those with thin or delicate hair, while high temp fades are best for those with thick or coarse hair.

What does mid temp fade mean?

A mid temp fade is a type of hair fades that starts around the temples and gets progressively lighter in the middle. This look is achieved by using clippers to create a gradient effect.

What’s the difference between a taper and a temp fade?

A taper is a gradual reduction in the hair’s width, while a temp fade is a sharp, temporary change in the length of hair.

What is a high temp fade?

A high temp fade is a style of fade that’s achieved by using higher temperatures when blow drying the hair. This results in a more dramatic and quicker fade.

What is a temp haircut?

The Temple Fade Haircut for Men is a fade haircut that’s very popular among black men. The haircut gets its name because it’s often worn by men with shaved heads or very short hair. A temple fade haircut involves shaving the sides of the head down to the skin and then fading the hair on top into a shorter length. This creates a clean, sharp look that’s very stylish.

How do you ask for a temple fade?

When asking for a temple fade, you will want to specify that you would like the hair on the sides of your head to be tapered. To do this, ask your barber to use clippers and start with a low number guard.

What is a temple fade called?

A temple fade is also called a temp fade or sometimes called a Brooklyn Fade. This hairstyle is a type of taper fade where the hair is cut very short or shaved near the temples. The temple fade can be combined with many different haircuts, such as a mohawk, quiff, or even a simple slicked back hairstyle.

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