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top scalp micropigmentation regrets

If you want to cover hair loss but don’t want a permanent bald stubble look, scalp micropigmentation regrets may hit you harder than you think.

For others, scalp micropigmentation offers a way to recreate your hairline, add visual thickness, and fill in bald patches. However, just so you know the dangers and mistakes, we’ve put together a list of scalp micropigmentation regrets.

Don’t Regret SMP

So, Scalp Micropigmentation is a restoration procedure to recreate to look of hair and uses microneedles to inject pigments into your scalp to recreate the look of hair follicles.

There are many benefits of scalp micropigmentation. It can be used to fill in a receding hairline or bald patches due to alopecia, as well as create an entire shaved head with light stubble.

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1. It Doesn’t Look Real

The whole point of scalp micropigmentation is to recreate the look of real hair follicles, so it can be very disappointing when you can tell it’s fake. However, licensed hair clinics tend to provide good results that look just like natural hair follicles.

If you’ve had people tell you that your hairline tattoos don’t look real or don’t have that 3D stubble look, you shouldn’t be too concerned.

Scalp micropigmentation isn’t going to be put under a microscope, but it still must look like real hair follicles. These tattoos typically look the most real on men who already shave their head and like the stubble look.

If you like a clean-shaven, shiny bald look, then SMP may not work (reddit), as your head will always appear to have gray stubble.

Before After Pictures of Scalp Micropigmentation

Before after scalp micropigmentation.
Realistic SMP procedures create a natural hairline and variation of pigment distribution to look like stubble. Image Source: Beauty Care Nederland.
Before after SMP - good results
Before and after SMP (good results). Image Source: HQTransplants.com.
Good SMP can help a receding hairline look more natural.
Good SMP will add follicles and shading to fill in receding hairlines. Image source: Beauticate.

2. Uniform Bald Look

Scalp micropigmentation lasts for about 8 years on average, so you may just simply get tired of the same stubble, shaved head look. However, the SMP pigments continue to get better, so this average is getting better. This is where you have to know what you want.

Scalp micropigmentation regrets can come from bad scalp micropigmentation pattern placement.
Bad scalp micropigmentation pattern placement can lead to a misshapen hairline and extremely fake stubble. Image source: Mark Weston Micropigmentation.

I’ve noticed a trend in the matte, smooth bald style, but it’s not that uncommon for men to have the look of stubble with a shaved head.

Laser tattoo removal may be used to fade and remove bad scalp micropigmentation results, but you’ll likely need a SMP correction procedure to completely fix it.

Most men who get scalp micropigmentation regrets simply don’t like the look of the pigments over time and become frustrated that they can’t ever get that clean-shaven, uniform bald head.

3. Pigments are Too Dark or Look Blue

If all goes well with your SMP procedure, you have a charcoal gray to light gray variation of stubble on your scalp.

This is where it pays to talk to your practitioner ahead of the procedure and see how dark the pigments actually are. In other cases, ask the practitioner about if he uses tattoo ink or natural pigments. Tattoo ink tends to turn blue instead of remaining a charcoal gray.

Blue scalp micropigmentation is from inferior ink products.
If your SMP results look too blue or even a fake black color, you can get an SMP correction once the pigments fade a bit. Image source: Team Micro.

Most SMP clinics offer plenty of credentials and visual evidence of their expertise before you set the appointment for your first treatment.

You should be able to see photos, videos, and an actual test injection in some cases to test the color of the pigment.

4. Misaligned, Too Spaced Out or Too Big

Scalp micropigmentation tattoos require very precise placement, as you want it to look like natural stubble.

Just like you don’t want a novice tattooer to ink an elaborate dragon on your back, you definitely don’t want random pigmented dots on your scalp.

Bad SMP results a typically from non-SMP clinics.
This hair tattoo just looks awful. Image source: Caters News Agency.
  • Dots should look like small hair follicles.
  • Evenly spaced apart
  • Resemble your natural follicular pattern
  • Blend in with existing hair

Some practitioners just shouldn’t do hairline tattoos and scalp micropigmentation. If a practitioner has been recommended by a friend, it’s still important to really study their before and after galleries for realistic SMP tattoos.

Experienced practitioners always have licenses and testimonials from previous customers sharing their experiences. Look up all practitioners in Google before booking a treatment.

5. Botched SMP Procedure

So, SMP is not without its side effects, but here have been some very bad scalp micropigmentation results in the media, particularly when practitioners try to cover up hair transplant donor areas with hair tattoos.

Bad scalp micropigmentation can leave long lasting affects.
Fake, drawn on lines and red, irritated skin are signs that your SMP isn’t going to heal correctly. Image source: Chronic Ink.
Botched scalp micropigmentation can leave a horrible result.
These are botched scalp micropigmentation injections that became infected. Always check licensing and ensure practitioners use sterilized needles.

As a general rule, if a practitioner has less than 10 reviews and their ratings are under 4 stars, you should pick someone else to tattoo your head. This is your livelihood, after all!

Final Thoughts: Should You Get Scalp Micropigmentation?

If you are scared of going bald or have a receding hairline, there’s no harm in talking to a practitioner who can answer your questions and show you before/after results. The procedure worked well for me and is reasonably priced compared to other options.

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