15 Celebrities with Bad Facial Hair + 5 Mistakes to Avoid


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Where have all the clean-shaven faces gone? Not every guy can pull off a good looking facial hair style, and just about every male celebrity has gone through an awkward facial hair phase.

When it comes to bad beards, you may not realize that you’ve got one until your mom mentions the great barber she knows who also cuts beards. Never fear—we’ve got the beard mistakes you can avoid as well as some of the worst beards found on our favorite celebrities.

Bad Beards and Mustaches

For celebrity men, a bad beard may just be a disguise, some new facial hair growth for a new part. However, in other cases, we have to think some of these were done as a prank for the media or to get attention from TMZ. With most of these, a little beard trimming would have gone a long way.

Here’s a look at some of the baddest beards we could find:

1. Brad Pitt’s Scruffy Goatee

A poorly styled Long Goatee - Brad Pitt
I’m a big fan, but Brad Pitt’s long goatee is really bad here. See Brad’s Best Beard Styles.

2. Vince Vaughn’s Horseshoe Mustache

Vince Vaughn ugly mustache
Vince Vaughn’s bad mustache is a little creepy. Mad love tho. Image source: Getty Images

3. Chris Evans ‘70s Stache

Chris Evans bad 70s mustache
Chris Evans bad 70s mustache is lol. Image source: Getty Images

4. John Travolta’s Chin Puff

John Travolta bad chin puff goatee
Ouch! John Travolta’s bad chin beard was not a good look.

5. Joaquin Phoenix’s Overgrown Beard

Love Joaquin Phoenix, but his beard is just Ugly
Joaquin Phoenix is way cool, but his beard is one of the worst here.

6. James Franco’s Unruly Goatee

James Franco is sporting a really bad beard.
James Franco is sporting the #1 worst beard – it’s really bad :). Image source: GQ

7. Jonah Hill’s Wild Stubble Beard

Jonah Hill stubble is one of the worst beards.
One of Jonah Hill’s older looks sports one of the ugliest beards. He’s since cleaned up his beard game.

8. Nick Cannon’s Chin Patch

Nick Cannon bad goatee style
Nick typically has a tight mustache and beard. This shot is just bad. Image source: Essence.com

9. Andrew Garfield’s Wild Mane Beard

Andrew Garfield, bad beard and downright ugly.
Andrew Garfield looks bad in a beard. His look is solid when clean-shaven. Image source: Nylon.com

10. Matthew McConaughey’s Billy Goat Beard

Matthew McConaughey's bad beard
Matthew McConaughey’s bad looking beard could use some neckline grooming. Image source: GQ

11. Post Malone’s Full Face Strap Beard

Post Malone beard is bad.
Post Malone is having a bad beard day. His neck beard needs some work. Image source: Capital Xtra

12. Zac Efron’s Fake Mustache

Zac Efron bad mustache look
Normally styling, Zac Efron is sporting bad mustache that’s just weird. Image source: TMZ

13. Johnny Knoxville’s Wispy Sideburns Beard

Johnny Knoxville's terrible looking beard
Johnny Knoxville’s beard is just terrible and all over the place.

14. Justin Bieber’s 12 Hairs

Justin Bieber bad facial hair
Justin Bieber’s overall looking style is in check but bad facial hair.

15. Bradley Cooper Stubble Everywhere

Bradley Cooper's bad beard
Bradley Cooper normally looking tight, but this beard isn’t working.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid Bad Beards

Whether you’ve spent time growing a beard before or this is your first time, there are a few grooming mistakes that every guy makes when trying to get the perfect facial hair. They can be painful lessons, which is why we’ve listed them here for you to avoid.

While we think a patchy beard looks great, even if hairs grow longer in other places, not everyone is a fan of bushy and untidy hair styles. Some don’t even like full beard styles because they grow thicker and may cause beard burn.

Whatever your preference, there are some ways to grow a long healthy beard with thick hair follicles, even if part of your beard is thinner than the rest. Also, you should also avoid some of these common beard care mistakes.

1. Beard Oil is Not a Styling Product

When applying beard oil, it’s important that you don’t just rub it on your beard hair. Instead, you need to massage it into your beard hair and skin underneath. It’s not just for your hair. Beard oil gets rid of red, itchy, irritated skin and beard dandruff, but only when you apply it to your skin and hair.

All you need is 2 to 3 drops per day, then rub in with your fingers and work through to your skin underneath.

2. Never Trim When Wet

You don’t know how long your beard will actually be until it dries. So when your beard is damp, it’s time to wait and see how long it’s when dry. You should comb or brush out your beard once dry before trimming.

3. Neck beards and Necklines

Not everyone can pull off a neck beard, and many people prefer a clean-shaven neckline. You can add shape and dimension to your face when you shape your neckline appropriately.

Check out our Beard Neckline Shaving Guide to get the perfect shape.

However, you also don’t want a neckline that’s too high as it gives the appearance your beard is thinner, and it will throw off your face shape as well.

4. Everything’s Connected

Does your face look like it’s being eaten by your beard? If your sideburns connect to your jawline hair and you can barely see your lips, you may be hiding away your face shape and taking away your angles.

We’ve all been there. You don’t want to shave too much, or you’ve just let your beard grow for so long that you want to see the end result. However, why hide underneath all that hair? If you’re worried about your shaving expertise, you can always see a barber.

However, we have some great beard shaving and trimming guides. Take a look at these various beard styles and guides on how to get these looks:

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