Men’s Hairline: What to Expect & Restoring Tips


Brad Pitt before and after mature hairline

How much do you know about your own type of hairline? Have you ever studied it closely? Start by looking at photos and comparing its shape to how it looks today. Has it changed significantly?

Our guide discusses everything with maturing hairstyles, hair loss, and other questions pertaining to your ever changing hairline.

Normal Male Hairline

A normal male hairline is unique to each person and ideally compliments their face shape. As a man gets older, their hairline will change. Some may experience thinning hair where others may lose their hair completely.

Juvenile Hairline

A boy in their early teens typically has a full head of hair. It’s also when they develop their juvenile hairline that starts at their uppermost forehead wrinkle.

Jake Gyllenhaal Juvenile Hairline
Jake Gyllenhaal with a juvenile hairline.

Mature Hairline

Part of a man’s natural aging process is the change to their hairline. The pattern changes starting around the age of 18 into your late 20s is about 1/2- to 3/4-inch higher than your juvenile hairline.

David Beckham Mature Hairline Example
David Beckham – mature hairline.

The biggest thing men experience with a mature hairline is the loss of hair follicles by the temples plus a higher forehead (receding). By the time you’re 28, your hairline should have matured fully. However, many people along with celebrities have experienced a Widow’s Peak or M hairline nearing their 30s (see more below).

Men with Receding Hairlines

As I mentioned, receding hair as you age is totally normal. However, receding past your normal mature hairline may be something different entirely and may be a sign of male pattern baldness.

If your hairline progressively recedes as you age, consider drawing attention away with clever hairstyles, a clean shaved head or a trendy beard style.

If you notice a significant difference in your hairline, The Norwood Scale can help your doctor diagnose progression with male pattern hair loss. Then you can receive treatment to prevent additional hair from falling out.

Is an M-Shaped Hairline Normal?

Yes! However, it may mean that your hairline is receding. The M-shape hairline typically occurs to square, heart-shape, and rectangular face shapes. While this hairline looks like a Widow’s Peak, the difference is that the corners aren’t typically rounded.

Instead, the angles in the corners are sharper. These are also examples of mature hairlines.

Classic male hairline
Chris Hemsworth – Classic male hairline.
Men's hairline example.
Nice male hairline on George Clooney.

Young hairlines are low and straight across the forehead. As hairlines mature, they more form peaks and points with high angles at the corners. While an M-shape hairline is normal, you may find that your hair is receding farther in the corners.

What is Considered a Good Hairline for Men?

Any hairline can be considered “good” depending on what you’re looking for. Conversely, you see what a bad hairline looks like.

Most people are looking for the following:

  • Strong coverage across the forehead.
  • Mid hairline with thick hair in corners.
  • Straight across or with a slight peak.
  • Trimmed or shaven cowlicks to reduce distorted hairline.

Good hairlines have a strong shape without any gaps or edges. It also accentuates your face shape. Even if a hairline recedes slightly with age, you can still have a good hairline that covers your forehead, especially when you style your hair.

Why is My Hairline Round?

Mostly hairlines are genetic, but they do change over time due to age. While there’s some debate over diet and exercise attributing to hair loss, round hairlines don’t always refer to receding hairstyles.

However, if you notice your forehead hairline is becoming higher and rounding off towards your crown, you may have male pattern hair loss.

How to Save Your Male Hairline?

If you’ve been looking in the mirror in angst and checking the drain for more hair loss, we understand. It’s one of those things that happens with age, and unless you act fast, you could see your hairline pull back even more.

The best research available says there are a few ways to regrow your hairline and prevent any further hair loss. However, we advise that you seek medical advice before trying any growth pills or medicated creams.

So, Can Hairlines Be Regrown?

It’s possible to stop and prevent hair loss for some men. One study found that 66% of men who tried finasteride, an oral medication for hair growth, resulted in significant hair thickness and regrowth.

Many studies have shown that hair loss can be prevented, and medications may help with regrowth. In fact, you must just need biotin in your diet.

Treatment Options

If you’re trying to grow hair for your hairline, there are a few techniques that don’t involve surgery.

Typically hereditary, if you have a family history of baldness, you may be in line to lose your hair.

However, they may not work for everyone. Some treatments include:

Research has shown that men with diets rich in biotin, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids have a stronger resistance to male pattern hair loss, but in other cases, look into finasteride or hair transplant surgery for more permanent solutions.

Promote Healthy Hair

Using quality hair styling products is a great way to promote hair health.

Haircuts that Complement the Male Hairline

Have you ever wondered…

Is a V-Shaped Hairline Normal for Men?

Perhaps a better question is – who doesn’t love the classic V hairline? But to answer your question, yes! As your hairline matures, it may develop a deeper V or peak. There are some famous celebrities who’ve styled a Widow’s Peak, so it looks insanely good as well.

Johnny Depp’s V hairline

Common male hairline - Johnny Depp.
Common male hairline – Johnny Depp.

With the right style and hair products, any hairline can be shaped to enhance your face shape perfectly. We offer a few different guides to defining your hairstyle and even fading your beard.

Is a Widow’s Peak Attractive?

The answer is yes. A Widow’s Peak is actually one of the most desirable hairlines for its definitive shape. For example:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Widow's Peak - Male Hairline Example
Widow’s Peak – Male Hairline Example.

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell's Male Hairline
Colin Farrell’s Male Hairline.
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