Does Beard Growth Oil Work? (Myth Busted)


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Before hitting puberty, having no facial hair really doesn’t matter. However, at a certain point, every man wonders about their own beard growth. If your beard stays patchy or never grows in, then knowing how beard growth oil works can really help you get that full beard.

Beard growth oils are moisturizing, leave-in conditioning products made to help your beard hair grow faster. These formulas include carrier oils, essential oils, and typically 1-2 hair growth elements, such as biotin or saw palmetto oil.

We’ve tested more than a few beard oils, but the B&B found that beard growth oils are a little different from regular oil products. Here’s what we found out.

Does Beard Growth Oil Help Grow a Beard?

I have always had a patchy beard, so beard growth products have always intrigued me. So, I’ve researched this answer up and down, buying products, looking for beard growth oil before results.

What I’ve found is inconclusive at best. There are many products on Amazon, some like “Uncut Beard Growth Oil” with over a 1,000 reviews – most positive and Uncut Beard Growth Vitamins. I’m just super skeptical over reviews.

While there aren’t any official studies on specific beard growth oils, there have been studies on ingredients in these products, such as biotin, tea tree oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and saw palmetto oil.

So does beard oil alone work or can beard growth oil help grow a beard… the short answer is it hasn’t been scientifically proven. However, it can make beards look fuller with the appearance of more facial hair growth.

So, most of the top growth oil products have ingredients know to stimulate beard growth like: Biotin, Saw Palmetto and Caffeine. So, if you’re opposed to putting Rogaine on your face, then check out our best reviewed products below.

Top Beard Growth Oils

We reviewed the best beard growth oils and found the one with the best results.

Beard growth oil formulas work with ingredients like biotin and saw palmetto.
Beard growth formulas include special ingredients, such as biotin and saw palmetto oil.

Some men have reported positive results on Reddit from using beard growth oils, and the effectiveness ranges from product to product.

Many beard growth oil supporters also have different techniques to using this product. For example, you can purchase a beard growth kit with a micro derma roller.

Beard Growth Oil Basics

The main purpose of beard growth oil is to moisturize your skin and the roots of your hair to promote growth.

  • When applying beard oil, use a formula that will speed up your facial hair growth. Not all beard oils are for hair growth.
  • The growth rate for most facial hair is about a quarter of an inch per month, so
  • Using a derma roller or beard brush can make your beard grow thicker when combined with a high-quality beard oil.
  • The main thing is that your formula includes a range of vitamins and minerals associated with hair growth, but you also want to pick the right products

Beard growth oils are more helpful for improving your skin and hair follicles, while a beard balm may help you shape your beard style.


Like a regular beard oil, beard growth oils still need a carrier oil and essential oil. Common hair growth formulas include:

8 Vitamins Used for Beard Growth

The ingredients above are rich in vitamins A, B, and E because they help with hair growth. When applied as a topical through these carrier oils and essential oils, vitamins for beard growth work quickly to restore hair follicles.

Here’s what vitamins and minerals to look for in your beard growth oil:


Studies on biotin show that it’s essential for hair growth. When applied to your scalp and face, it uses amino acids to promote protein synthesis, which can lead to higher beard growth.

Many beard growth oils contain biotin just for this reason. You may also this vitamin in hair loss and thickness shampoos.

Caffeine Extract

Another ingredient commonly found in beard growth oils, caffeine extract stimulates hair roots and leads to greater thickness.

Vitamin E

While vitamin E’s benefits for skin have always been talked about, it’s also necessary for healthy hair growth. Many topical hair growth creams and beard growth oils include tea tree oil and sweet almond oil because it’s rich in vitamin E.

Vitamin A

Typically included in formulas because it helps with blood circulation, vitamin A is a great addition to any beard growth oil for overall hair growth and increased thickness.

Vitamin D

Studies show vitamin D helps with calcium homeostasis, cell growth, and immune regulation. If you have a vitamin D deficiency, you’re likely to lose more hair, so it’s worth looking into supplements for hair growth that include vitamin D.

Vitamin C

Do you love oranges? Chances are you don’t have a vitamin C deficiency, but if you did, it may be more difficult to fight off graying and DHT hair loss. That’s because vitamin C works as an antioxidant and fights oxidative stress.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is known to enhance red blood cell production, leading to faster hair growth and increased thickness.

Fish Oil

If you have read about Omega-3 fatty acids, then you already know fish oil produces some incredible benefits for the body.

Fish oil also helps with nourishing your hair and reducing inflammation. If you’ve noticed dry scalp symptoms, this supplement could help your facial skin heal quicker.


Zinc is one of the most beneficial minerals for your immune system. However, did you know that it increases your hair follicle health and also inhibits hair follicle regression?

It does this by strengthening protein and iron in your body, which aids in healthy hair growth.

Beard Growth Oil vs Beard Oil

It’s always best to compare ingredients. Most of the beard oils on the market contain some carrier oil and essential oils only, but they won’t try to heal with aloe vera or add any hair growth ingredients like B vitamins.

B vitamins are incredibly important for beard growth products. If you don’t see any B vitamins like biotin, then it’s likely that it may only cure dry skin underneath the beard but not treat issues with dihidrotestosterona (DHT). Biotin and saw palmetto oil are especially known for blocking DHT.

Side Effects

While there haven’t been any large studies of beard growth oils, it’s important to follow instructions and try out these products on a small patch of skin before applying fully to your beard.

Some of the side effects can be attributed to allergies and sensitive skin, but any products with the dirty dozen should be avoided.

If you notice skin irritation, redness, itchiness, bumps, or burning, discontinue beard growth oil use and try another method. Here are some other guides to check out:

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